Customer service:

RF remote diagnostic.

Business Intelligence

  • Heat Map
  • Analytics
  • Activity Report
  • Sensors Monitoring

Technical assistance, services such as repair, fixing, calibration, software remote upgrade, spare parts, and all services related to antennas, readers, controllers, transponders, software and other components.

Eazycomm is a Service Provider company specialized in Radiofrequency technology including Low frequency, High Frequency, Ultra High Frequency, Ultra Wideband and Microwave systems.
​System Integration

Putting profit ahead and technology as commitment

Eazycomm turns radio frequency technology

in Software as a Service for a variety

of industry segments

Rua Domingos Barbieri, 254 - Butantã
São Paulo - SP
+55 (11) 3721-6560

Applications and Reports

  • Asset Manager
  • Warehouse & Location
  • Intra-logistics &Transportation
  • Ground Manager
  • Air Cargo
  • Field Service
  • Fleet Manager
Technical Support

A specialized team of software engineers, electrical engineers and designers

on radiofrequency systems.

Asset management: Sensors designed to look at the product age (FIFO), repairs, prevention and utilization.

Inventory 24 hours a day processed

in real time.

Stock management:
tracking management 
of product handling.

Telemetry: sensors on parts and vehicle.

It starts drawing layers of integration since user interface throw hardware design. The main components are designed to be combined in one block running under one system layer. All of those components turns on unique solution committed to the customer functional requirements.

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Devices and Components

  • RF Sensor network
  • RFID
  • RTLS
  • GPS
  • e-Lock & Seal
  • Smart scale
  • Pingo AGV

We are able to start from the scratch assessing requirements and functionality. All aspects are considered such as Market needs. Competitors, sourcing, volume, Market niche, strategy, company budget, funding, technology, suppliers, innovation, problem to solve, pricing, distribution, partners and factory outsourcing. 

Fast implementation: tracking and localization are required to added value product.


We offer Software as a Service package. Customers pay per use

Knowhow in Radiofrequency Application: RFID, RTLS, LBS, Bar code, Wireless Sensors, GPS and Wearables.

GPS on board:

over the air tracking.

RFID label:

product identification.

Product Development

Software Platform – hunter®  IoT Visibility Server


Extended Warranty: extension of the product warranty to avoid risks of platform utilization.